Getting a dog is a serious commitment. Once you decide on the general type of dog you want, there are hundreds of different puppies to choose from. Remember that you are choosing a dog that will be like a family member or companion for more than a decade. This dog may be responsible for your safety, the protection of your family, livestock, or property. In any case the behavior of your dog can reflect very positively on you, annoy family and friends, or get you into a lot of trouble with acquaintances, neighbors, and the law. Choosing your dog is not a decision to take lightly or a time to make a price-based decision (not to mention a cheap dog can end up costing you a lot more money over its life). You don't get to pick many member of your family so when you have this opportunity, make the best of it. We want your experience with owning a dog to be an overwhelmingly positive one, not one you later regret.