We are a dog breeder in located in the Canton area of Ohio. We breed, raise, and train dogs for health, utility, and companionship. We do not typically offer purebred animals to avoid health problems caused by recessive genetic alleles, promote hybrid vigor, and meet the breed standard we are seeking. We select and train specifically for good health, desire to please, intelligence, athleticism, and low aggression to other dogs, cats, and farm animals. If you have further specifications within this breeding standard please let us know. We may be able to breed an animal tailored to you.

   Check out our available dogs link to see if we currently have any available. If we do not, you can use our contact page to request that we notify you the next time we do have a puppy available.



- "Best dog I've ever had. So beautiful, so well behaved.... The first month's of a puppy's life are very important when it comes to forming their personality, so it says something about the person who had them during that time. And after perusing the site I'm certain I'm right. A wealth of information, and you can feel his love for what he does throughout it all. " - Ted Thomas ; Cleveland Ohio

- "You really did create the perfect companion!....I am super pleased with the puppy I got from you. She has integrated nicely into my home" - Paula ; Cleveland Ohio

- "Thanks again for the pup.  Everything is going fine.  He is acclimating well with our Lab." - Bill ; Ohio

- "The puppy is absolutely wonderful; everyone that meets her comments on her great temperament and beautiful coloring. She's also incredibly smart! She was potty trained within a few days of coming home, and she knows her name as well as the commands "come" "sit" "lay down" and "mat" (after she comes inside I have her sit down on the mat by the door so I can wipe her paws off)."  - Isabella ; Ohio

- "I bought a baby off of you about a year and a half ago. She has turned out to be the most amazing dog and we are looking to find her a friend...." - Sarah ; Ohio